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Located in the eclectic Starland District,(voted by Southern Living as the Best Neighborhood in the South), Squirrel’s is an elegantly casual eatery serving crispier, wood-fired versions of pizza with irreverence for tradition that could be considered a cross between Neapolitan and Roman Pizza Tonda.  We place the toppings on the border (al Bordo) to minimize the Cornicione (puffy crust).  We strive to blend the marriage of sauce and dough that is characteristic of Neapolitan and add the crispiness that is characteristic of Roman Pizza Tonda.  We also use less water in the dough and cook at a lower temperature than Neapolitan (700 degrees vs 900 degrees for Neapolitan), which allows for a longer cooking time and, therefore, crispier crust.

After graduating from Wake Forest, Chris Dickerson (also of Corner Taco)  graduated from the Chef’s Apprenticeship Program at The Cloister Hotel on Sea Island.  He has cooked with many notable chefs, for many luminaries, and was even part of a team invited to cook for Paul Bocuse.  Chris draws from his diverse experiences and travels to create a unique version of “semi-swanky street food” with Italian zeitgeist

 The vibe is a speakeasy meets gallery lounge, with Scandinavian/Parisian influences and light, breezy interiors designed by Savannah-based designer Liz Demos.

Our Team